Welcome to Domestic Payroll Solution (DPS)

The one stop solution to all your domestic pay and legal obligation concerns!

Did you know that if you employ a domestic worker for 24 hours a month or more (that’s equates to just 1 day a week!) you have a raft of legal obligations to fulfil. These can be daunting, complicated or just down right time consuming, not to mention expensive if you are found to be non-compliant.

With our comprehensive and friendly service you are guaranteed to be hassle free of everything concerning the legal employment and remuneration of your domestic worker (which includes anyone you employ to help in your home such as cleaners, gardeners, au pairs, nannies etc).

Say goodbye to the days of having to withdraw and carry large sums of cash to pay them, the hassle of paying and dealing with the UIF Department, generating formal payslips, never mind employment contracts, job descriptions and recording of sick and annual leave! With us everything is covered and your peace of mind guaranteed. It’s certainly more than just one less thing to worry about!



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