Written Particulars of Employment

At the start of employment, employers must give workers a document containing the following information:

Employer and Worker Details

  • Employer’s full name
  • Employer’s address

Employment Details

  • Place/s of work
  • Date of employment
  • Working hours and days of work

Payment Details

  • Salary or wage, or the rate and method of calculating wages
  • Rate for overtime
  • Any other cash payments
  • Any payments in kind and their value
  • Frequency of payment
  • Any deductions
  • Value and payment for any food or accommodation

Leave Details

  • Any leave to which the worker is entitled

Notice/ Contract Period

  •  Period of notice required
  •  Period of contract

This document must be updated if any details change.
An employer must keep a copy of this document while the worker is employed, and for 3 years thereafter.
If a worker is unable to understand the contract, the employer is to explain the information in a way that the farm worker understands.





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